The 411

Lately I have been feeling so tired. Like extra tired. Of course I am ALWAYS tired. I have three kids, but I don’t think I should be this tired because all three of my kids sleep through the night ninety percent of the time…so my best guess is that my body and mind are really starting to feel this being without a home thing. My family and I packed up a few weeks ago and left our little Bronx apartment after nearly six years. It was our first adult home, where two of our three kids were born, where most of our friends reside; so it was a lot to leave. And now, we are staying with mostly family and also some friends until finally making our way back to the east coast and hopefully settling into a new place come early June.

So, our whole lives are pretty thrown off right now and I consistently feel like someone with a horrendous hangover. Drinking is such a rare part of my life and hangovers especially are a nonexistent part of my life so it kind of sucks to feel like I’ve been fighting off one this past week. But in an effort to try to somewhat normalize my current situation, I have been trying to keep a few things routine; number one being my gym attendance and my nutrition. I am also trying to incorporate some easy and sustainable routines into my life, especially in the morning when I have the most energy to even get through a routine. So far (on days that I train later in the day, at home, or don’t train) I try to make sure I start drinking water as soon as I wake up and then after I am finished drinking anything between 8-32oz, I start looking to drink a cup of green tea. On training days, I wake up at 5am, get ready for the gym, grab a banana and some amino energy, and head out.

So the routine is pretty consistent but varies from training days to non training days. If you would like to know more on that, with a detailed description of what my routine looks like, drop a comment below and I can definitely try to put something together. So, today is looking a little different for me, because I’ll be heading to the gym this afternoon, instead of early morning. I have been up since 5:45am, but I’m watching an extra little today, so the sched. is a tad off (even more so than normal). BUT my nutrition will be on point and so will my gym sesh. later on today and that makes a huge difference for my mental state and even my energy levels. I know #momlife and #fitlife sometimes seem to clash but I feel like it’s really not something that has to, so long as a little (or maybe a lot) of discipline is put into practice.

Anyway, this blog is kind of all over the place as I try to dive back into writing. A lot of my creativity has sadly been placed on the back burner for a few years as I have navigated being a mom to three while learning loads about pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, etc. And now that I am finally starting to find a little more time to write, well hopefully I can get some good stuff and info out here for you because I have a lot of topic ideas. And of course, if you have questions or want to know anything extra about what I’m writing on, feel free to let me know. Oh and to give you an idea of some areas I’ll be covering in this blog….I’ll be writing on a pretty diverse level, ranging from fitness and nutrition to routines and birthing and just a lot of different mental and physical health topics. So, get excited. Lots of stuff coming your way. 🙂 And after I get a bit of a creative spark burning again, I’ll start posting more regularly (like a set day of the week).

Thanks guys!

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