Weekly Wrap: First Week in Philly

We have just moved in and everything is so new.  It’s still hard to believe that I keep waking up in this house; three bedrooms, a real washer and dryer, a dish washer.  It just blows my mind.  Perhaps the craziest part to all of these new and seemingly glamorous parts of having our own home include having central air and heat (whaaa??) and having a backyard.  Gabe and I have been comfortable living without these modern conveniences and have honestly not felt the need to acquire any of them (except for the yard…we really wanted a yard) but having them has undeniably been so lovely and I wake up feeling exceptionally…umm, pampered?  

This week we have experienced a lot of excitement and change and already a few adventures.  When we first arrived, I mentioned in my insta stories that our neighbors greeted us with so much kindness, providing us with water and hello’s and Pat (she has lived here for over 60 years!) has been collecting our packages for us when we aren’t available to collect them ourselves.  We have met so many neighbors!  It’s weird being in a place where people are able to really build a neighborhood community because we have never lived on a regular street (it’s always been a business street), but so far I am loving it.

On Sunday, we took a short trip over to Fishtown to enjoy checking out some local thrift shops and an ice cream parlor that has the craziest flavors ever.  I’m not kidding.  A few of the flavors included chocolate chipotle, smoked cinnamon, and even dill pickle.  I am all about eccentric flavors and places and I just absolutely thrive off of the uncommon. 

Although we had a good time, it was kind of a rough day.  Olivia just really has such an attitude problem and sometimes it is beyond exhausting.  She gets in these funks (like almost every day) where she just hates everything and it wears on me as I try to remind myself that it’s not my job to make her happy.  It’s my job to keep her safe and healthy and to teach her as best as I can how to be a kind, functioning human.  I also had a pretty rough day emotionally as I tried to get a couple of pictures of us and me out and about.  I really struggle to let someone take my picture and I get so embarrassed in the process that between feeling self conscious and embarrassed, I get pretty moody.  Contrary to popular belief (jk…jk), I’m not always that fun to be around. lol.  I can let my emotions take control of my attitude and lose myself in a major funk (hmm, maybe that’s where Olivia gets it from?).

On Monday we picked up a washer and dryer and brought it back to Philly that evening.  I can’t pick up heavy items yet, so Gabe went around asking some guys for help but no one was willing to help.  Hmm.  So Gabe tried doing it alone, which he probably could have but it would have felt overwhelming.  Fortunately, a lady who was passing through asked if we needed help.  I was like, “heck yea!”.  So while she and Gabe moved the washing machine into the house, I held her joint and felt pretty dang proud to be a woman and to be a part of such an amazing legacy of strength, kindness, and courage.  

And today; probably my most exciting day so far (hehe).  I have been in our yard shoveling up rocks and getting the trash and glass picked up, so I have been out there pretty often.  Well, while I was working today, I heard someone storming through the alley behind our fence as fast as they could.  Now, the alley is absolutely disgusting.  It’s over grown and full of trash and bugs and it’s not exactly the kind of place you want to hang out in…let alone run through at full speed.  I’m sure this guy was getting all kinds of nastiness on him and in his face.  Shortly after this happened, I heard some other people walking through so I sent the kids inside because I just wasn’t sure what was going on. 

I heard some rustling and before I knew it, someone had climbed up our fence and was looking around all of the yards.  It was a police officer.  I asked him if he was looking for someone, in which he replied yes, and I told him what I had heard.  For the next thirty minutes, three police were searching everywhere in the alley, apparently for this guy who had previously taken off through it.  Hmm.  Already in my first week here, there has been a police chase in my back yard.  Philly is certainly not lacking in excitement!

We have been here for one week and I am just so excited for all of the good things to come.  But now the trick is going to be keeping my patience and knowing that it’s okay to let the good and exciting parts come on slowly, because I don’t have to eat the whole cake at once; I can savor a few bites each day.  Stay connected by following my blog, joining my page on facebook (Honest Culture Group) or following me on Instagram at _honestculture_.  The best is yet to come!

With patience,


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