What the heck has gotten into Sarah??!!

What is going on with Sarah?

I am guessing you guys have noticed that a lot of change has been happening on my instagram/facebook and in my life. I went from being socially unavailable to being all over social media in February when we moved away from our NYC home. So, I want to invite you into that change, helping you to understand what the HECK is going on with me and my rise BACK into the world of social media. 

When I was nineteen, I started a long LONG journey of healing after years of childhood trauma and destructive coping mechanisms. When I first began that journey of healing, I was eager to share it with others while also helping them to heal, learn, and grow. However, at the time, I just couldn’t be there for people the way I thought I needed to be and rather than thrust myself into social media , I pulled out of it. Back in the day (haha…in like 2010 I think) I started a page Becoming Real. Unfortunately, I deleted that page. Ugh. But now I have a new page, a new Instagram, and new goals.

Shortly after I began my journey of recovery, I spoke in front of a few youth groups, for a small, local tv show, and shared my journey with many people that Gabe and I mentored/worked with while in the Bronx. Through all of that, we were also building our family, and learning how to function in a new environment, with three littles, and just a whole lot of newness.

During those years, I was in full mom mode (not that I’m not now…buuut they are getting older) and I completely pushed my own goals onto the back burner, waiting until the time was right. I dabbled in a few areas that somewhat resembled what I wanted to do (It Works, blogging for the nonprofit that we work with, etc) but none of those things fit me. So, in February I decided to start doing what it was I had wanted to do for most of my life, but just hadn’t been able to do yet; coach others through a variety of life situations. 

I started writing again in February and oh my goodness how hard it was! I knew it would be, but I also knew that it would get easier as time went on, and it really has gotten so much easier. I had lost a lot of my drive and motivation before then, simply because we were kind of just surviving in NYC as it is so expensive and I was pretty unhealthy being cooped up in a concrete jungle without anywhere to find peace, inspiration, etc. But, moving meant that I could step away from a lot of the walls that I had built up during our six years in NYC and finally tap into what I know I am supposed to do.

So here’s what’s happening with a brief description of each:

1. Health and life coach certification

2. Authentic and viewable living via real life connections and social media

3. Blogging

4. Publishing my first book

  1. I am going to be STARTING a six month journey of earning my health and life coach certificate in the next month or so (hopefully starting next month). But currently, I am already beginning to walk that path, just without a certification. At the end of the six months, I will begin taking clients and building my career around helping others to find the joy and freedom that I have found through a multitude of self care practices. While I am not pretending to be “put together” because I don’t know if that’s even a possibility, I am going to be coming alongside my clients to help coach them through whatever it is they are struggling with, trying to accomplish, etc. 
  2. On social media and in my daily life I am choosing to be vulnerable in a way that hopefully encourages others to speak out against being perfect and conforming to society’s standard of what real life should look life. While being honest isn’t difficult for me (typically) being vulnerable and putting my real life on display can be exhausting but I will continue doing it because I believe that it brings value to many lives. I don’t feel the need to pretend to be put together or something that I am not, so if you are looking for doses of honesty, you can follow me on my instagram _honestculture_, on this blog, or on my facebook page Honest Culture. 
  3. Blogging is my main source of keeping you guys intricately involved in my life and also keeping me involved in yours. This isn’t a one way street as I believe in connecting with you while also hopefully having you connect with me. Message me, write me, text me, whatever…I’ll be there because I’m not looking to be on a pedestal. I’m looking to be relatable. 
  4. I have finished writing my first soon to be published book (it’s in the editing stages now). It’s directed specifically to those younger than me but I believe it can bring value to anyone’s life. It’s a casual look into what I have learned over the last ten years of my life, exploring harder topics and also light hearted subjects, hopefully providing a life long friend to carry around with you.  I’m so excited to share it with you and will hopefully be able to put it up for pre-order in December! 

So this is a look into what I am doing, why I am doing it, and what you can expect from me. I want all the feedback, all the community, all the comments and connections that you can possibly throw at me. Don’t be afraid to reach out or voice your opinions (just be kind…lol…that’s all I ask, but if you’re not, that’s on you). I’m hoping to take you guys on this journey with me and I truly look forward to working with you as we begin to cultivate and build a community of transparency and healing/growth.

All the love,


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