Trauma Series 3: Depression and Anxiety

Depression.  Anxiety.  Two words that sometimes leave us cringing, feeling like no one will understand or we will be judged and possibly not taken seriously.  As an adult, I have struggled with depression far less than I did as a teenager and college student, but sometimes it still strikes unsuspectingly.  However, the difference between my... Continue Reading →

Trauma Series 2: Flashbacks

The pages are turning as I begin to unravel so many of the moments I never had a chance to piece together; the picture that always looked so broken and useless and…void.  It was as if I was sitting in a dark room; the kind of dark that would make the mere idea of trying... Continue Reading →

Trauma Series 1: Loss of Safety and Trust

Loss of Safety and Trust Everything has an origin story and more often than not, we don’t recognize the beginning of the fall until we are lying at the bottom, lost under the debris and grit of trauma.  Those seemingly inconsequential moments that somehow compile into one  unforeseeable moment; the one where you are sitting... Continue Reading →

First Impressions…

Do you ever feel like things would be easier if you could walk around with a neon sign flashing the words, “Disclaimer…I’m more than a first impression,”?  Man, that would be just so good.  So good.   Over my life I have really settled with the fact that I make terrible first impressions.  Not only... Continue Reading →

On Trauma

I have been researching childhood trauma with a vengeance lately.  I have spent years researching and learning about addictions, mental health, self care, and a variety of other holistic health practices, but in all of my searching and obsessing I never once put together the pieces; how the way that I handle situations and emotions... Continue Reading →

I’m Flawed, Thank You

I can still remember the day that I realized all of my friends were tweezing their eyebrows.  I was completely appalled.  How had I not realized that everyone was doing this now?  Why was I so behind?  I immediately got home from school that day and started trying to tweeze my own brows, accidentally pinching... Continue Reading →

Stepping Out of the Waiting Place

It’s been a while since I have written anything…well, kind of. To you it’s been a while, but not for me. I have been over here writing as much as I can find time to and it’s been so wonderful. I’m working on something and maybe it’s not going to be any good, but I... Continue Reading →

Am I Actually Honest?

Why is it so hard to be honest? I think sometimes we take these tiny glimpses into someone else's life and we assume that they are more put together than we are. We stare in through picture-frame windows wondering what they are doing so differently from us. What keeps them so…neat? But, the reality is,... Continue Reading →

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