Weekly Wrap: First Week in Philly

We have just moved in and everything is so new.  It’s still hard to believe that I keep waking up in this house; three bedrooms, a real washer and dryer, a dish washer.  It just blows my mind.  Perhaps the craziest part to all of these new and seemingly glamorous parts of having our own... Continue Reading →

Trauma Series 1: Loss of Safety and Trust

Loss of Safety and Trust Everything has an origin story and more often than not, we don’t recognize the beginning of the fall until we are lying at the bottom, lost under the debris and grit of trauma.  Those seemingly inconsequential moments that somehow compile into one  unforeseeable moment; the one where you are sitting... Continue Reading →

I’m Flawed, Thank You

I can still remember the day that I realized all of my friends were tweezing their eyebrows.  I was completely appalled.  How had I not realized that everyone was doing this now?  Why was I so behind?  I immediately got home from school that day and started trying to tweeze my own brows, accidentally pinching... Continue Reading →

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